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The best masturbators for men

Taboos are rising little by little around female sexuality, but also male. The proof: masturbators entirely dedicated to male pleasure are developing, with models with sometimes surprising shapes.

Like other areas, sex is also subject to trends. We have seen this recently with practices such as gaining (gaining fat or muscle mass to please your partner) or with the democratization of online sex shops . Long remained in the shadows, male masturbation is no longer taboo and enjoys new sex toys for men and sex toys for couples . We have gathered the information you need to know about these accessories, as well as a selection of the best current masturbators.

A masturbator, what is it?

The question is legitimate, since masturbation is not specifically masculine. However, it is indeed a question here of devices dedicated to male pleasure. Their objective is then to stimulate the glans and the penis. Rare are those intended exclusively for the testicles or the anus. They focus much more on reproducing the sensations encountered during oral, vaginal or anal sex.

How to choose the right masturbator?

The masturbators are chosen according to the sexual practices of each one. You will see it in our selection below: the sensations of these devices can be similar to those of oral sex or sodomy. Other criteria sometimes specific to sex toys then come into play, such as material, practicality, battery or even size: some are small and discreet. These are travel masturbators. Others are fully adjustable and can accommodate yards of all sizes.

How to clean your masturbator?

There are disposable models, but these remain extremely rare. In general, manufacturers suggest cleaning with hot water, banishing all soap or household products. However, it is necessary to refer to the instructions: it is sometimes recommended to use a specific product, such as an antibacterial or antiallergic product, for example. This same notice will also specify whether the device is waterproof or removable.

Our selection of the best masturbators for men

The Power Heat Blowmotion, the portable oral sex simulator

mastrubationIts black color and sleek profile make the Power Heat Blowmotion more discreet. Vibrating and heating (up to 42°C), this masturbator has the particularity of simulating oral sex with great realism. For this, it has 8 vibration modes and 12 different speeds. Portable, the Blowmotion is fully waterproof, allowing use in the bath or shower.

The F1S-V2, the ultra-discreet masturbator

Behind this enigmatic name, the F1S-V2 comes in the form of a simple cylindrical object. This profile makes it infinitely more discreet than other masturbators. Based on the first version of the F1S, this V2 has around ten sensors and four vibration modes. Its more flexible sheath adapts to all sizes. An application offered free of charge by the Lelo brand allows total control of pleasure.

Turbo Thrust fellatio masturbator

Capable of reproducing almost identically the sensations of fellatio, this Turbo Thrust masturbator from the Fleshlight brand is particularly innovative. It has 3 distinct areas to maximize pleasure. The first corresponds to its entrance orifice made of a very flexible plastic, strikingly realistic. It reproduces the natural sensations of lip contact against the glans. Inside, the channel is textured to mimic the movement of the tongue. Then, by performing back and forth movements, the member can reach the bottom for intense pleasure, identical to that obtained during a deep throat fellatio.

Blow Job Master Back and forth Male Masturbator

The Blow Job Master back and forth masturbator was designed to accompany your solo pleasure. By placing your penis in its flexible channel, the sensations are there. The latter is … Read the rest


Orgasm discoveries are just in their infancy

Certain modalities of enjoyment seem to be changing.

Subject to debates and controversies in the history of sexuality, the orgasm stirs up and tirelessly cultivates its enigmas. Following the advent of research in the human sciences in the 19th century , neuroscience plunged the 20th and 21st centuries into a quest for a psychocorporal understanding of human enjoyment. Since the last century, sexuality has been studied, measured and evaluated. On the historical side, Freud, first of all, put sexuality on the front of the stage as a science of the living. There were then great successors such as Reich, Marcuse, Foucault and Lacan, before the arrival of the first researchers in sexology such as Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, John Monney or even Shere Hite.

The contribution of sexology was to put the body back at the center of the sexual question. The concept of “sexual health” was recently recognized by the WHO and it is now established that orgasm corresponds to a complex neuro-physio-psychological process marking the paroxysm of the sexual response. Linked to a pleasure with similarities between the two sexes, it is characterized by rhythmic contractions of the pelviperineal muscles, accompanied by activation of the nervous system and generalized muscle tension. Orgasm is also a paradoxical phenomenon since it requires both relaxation and tension.

orgasm-woman-2Despite all these advances, misunderstandings persist regarding the knowledge of the female orgasm, the male orgasm and the orgasm in the life of couples in general. As proof, the recent updates of the anatomy of the clitoris in 3D have changed the game of representations of female pleasure. Similarly, new practices encourage a complete rethinking of male pleasure. Despite the scientific advances relating to the definition and overall understanding of the sexual response, the question of orgasm still raises many imaginations and questions.

To put it simply: the mystery of orgasm remains. A mystery that literature regularly tries to probe beyond scientific expertise, according to cultural scenes and museums which, in this area, still have many things to (de)show. It must be said that the theme of orgasm lends itself wonderfully to study. On the one hand because it is universal, on the other hand because it is lived in intimacy. Universal and particular, two major themes in the sciences and humanities where systemic approaches rub shoulders with questions of identity. Moreover, orgasm is to the human what ecstasy is to the divine. The latter results in a transport. This is the great capsizing. The orgasm figures and disfigures beings. He moves them.

But at the start of the 21st century , are we still sure that we want to adhere to certain beliefs about the orgasm, when in recent years, as we know, the “functions of the orgasm” have changed? Are we sure we want to stay the course, even the “gap” (orgasmic gap relayed by many media) when today, orgasm has become for many synonymous with injunctions, frustrations, simulations and sometimes addictions? “I enjoy therefore I am” , proclaims society at all costs. Even if it means creating guilt, complexes or performance anxiety until the progressive asphyxiation of pleasure. However, certain modalities of enjoyment seem to be changing.

Neither vaginal nor clitoral, the female orgasm is global

Indeed, since the discoveries by medical ultrasound in 2009 by Dr Odile Buisson and Pierre Foldès, it has been established that the dual distinction between “clitoral orgasm” and “vaginal orgasm” is no longer relevant. The representation of these two split zones now gives way to a globality integrating different erogenous zones of a whole dedicated to pleasure in general (internal or external). On the women’s … Read the rest

anal sex

The practice of anal sex can lead to many health problems in women

If sodomy is practiced more and more, especially by the younger generation, we still underestimate the risks.

Incontinence, bleeding, sexually transmitted infections (STIs)… Sodomy is a source of many health concerns for women. However, its popularity is exploding. While the practice has long been considered a taboo subject, two British surgeons now want doctors to inform their patients more about the risks it can cause.

According to their article, published in the British Medical Journal and echoed by the Guardian , “many cases of faecal incontinence and anal sphincter injury have been reported in women who engage in anal sex.”

“If [women] present a higher risk of incontinence [than men], it is because of the hormonal effects which differ between men and women and the consequences of pregnancy on the pelvic floor” , specify the surgeons Tabitha Gana and Lesley Hunt. Another risk factor: “Women have weaker anal sphincters than men and lower anal canal pressure.”

The two practitioners also encourage people to be particularly vigilant in the event of “pain and bleeding following anal intercourse” , as these are often signs “of bodily trauma which can be accentuated if sodomy is forced. “. Especially since “anal sex is a sexual practice considered particularly ‘at risk’ given the links it can have with alcohol and drug use “.

This practice has become more popular over the years, particularly following the broadcast of television series such as Sex and the City (1998-2004) or Fleabag (2016-2019). The growing popularity of anal sex , however, has not led doctors to communicate more about its dangers. And it is this lack of information that is partly responsible for “the carelessness of a whole generation of women on this subject” , worry Tabitha Gana and Lesley Hunt.

Free the medical word

anal sexAccording to a survey conducted in Britain on sexual attitudes, 28.5% of young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who have heterosexual relations practice anal sex , compared to 12.5% ​​a few decades ago. In France, 21% of women frequently practice anal sex , according to an IFOP survey published in December 2019. ” It is no longer considered unusual behavior, but a pleasant experience” , notes Lesley Hunt.

Not wanting to appear homophobic , some doctors struggle to talk to their patients about the risks involved in sodomy. However, not addressing this topic leads women to keep some of their symptoms silent, which puts them at risk of “missed diagnoses, futile treatment and other harms due to a lack of medical advice” , say the two surgeons.

In general, the information communicated by health systems such as the National Health Service in the United Kingdom concerning the risks of anal sex is too partial: only sexually transmitted diseases are mentioned. There is never any mention of trauma, both physical (incontinence, anal tearing) and psychological (feeling forced) that young women often report. This is why several institutions, such as the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, also believe that it is urgent for doctors to speak out on this subject.… Read the rest

London escorts

The London escorts gave me fantastic ideas on sex and increased my passion towards love

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How to get sexy babes in London using London escorts

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10 juicy facts about sex

Let’s go light this week! I offer you 10 interesting facts about sex.

The vibrator

The first vibrators appeared in 1883, and had a slightly different use than what we know today. Its inventor, Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville, had made them for strictly medical purposes, to reduce hysteria among women in asylums.


The average man ejaculates more than 500 billion sperm in a lifetime. The amount depends on several factors, but during a single ejaculation there can be between 20 and 150 million. Interesting fact: it is said that sperm are expelled at around 45 km/h! Admit that you will think about it when you drive at this speed in the car…

anti-sex cereal

John Harvey Kellogg, the inventor of the cereal we know today, was an anti-masturbation activist. In fact, he was convinced that adding his cereal to breakfast would help decrease sexual thoughts and obsessions.

The condom in all its forms

The use of condoms dates back several millennia. He has come a long way to look like the one we know today. Several historical researches mention that a little before our era, the Romans made condoms from animal intestines. An idea that was also taken up in the 19th century. In 1844, a man named Goodyear produced rubber-based condoms, and in 1880, latex made its appearance. It was not until the 1930s that its use was really recognized.


Before 1960, in Canada, homosexuality was considered a criminal act punishable by imprisonment. Prior to 1974, the Diagnostic Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM) still considered homosexuality to be a mental illness.


Not to brag, but women have, on average, longer orgasms than men! 20 seconds of intensity versus only 6 for men. A well deserved 14 seconds…

Hard on the eyes

Some of you may have experienced a, shall we say, misdirected ejaculation. You may have noticed that it can be very painful to get semen in your eyes. This discomfort is simply due to the fact that semen contains salt and zinc, two elements that are not compatible with this part of the body.

After Love

According to a survey by electronics site, it seems that 36% of people under the age of 35 prefer to consult social networks rather than stay glued to the end of a sexual relationship. This is probably why we see more and more fashion like the aftersexselfie ( selfie after sex).

Support our troops

During the Second World War, several soldiers had contracted STBBIs, and this situation had cost the government billions of dollars in medical expenses. To remedy the situation, an awareness campaign was set up with a slogan as catchy as: “Don’t forget, put it on before you put it in. (Remember, put it on before you put it in.)

Orgasm, more effective than a Valium

According to several experts, during orgasm, the part of the brain devoted to fear and nervousness is entirely put to sleep. It would even seem that the orgasm is ten times superior to the effectiveness of a tranquilizer.… Read the rest

Lash Lift and Tint

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