Rope spiderwebs

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My fiance’s pet projects at Halloween are a graveyard, which each year grows in body count and complexity, and a giant spiderweb by the front door. His dream is to eventually cover the roof in a giant spiderweb, but this is more manageable and only takes about an hour to put together.


Rope spiderweb

Made from a thin white rope from the craft store, secure by tying or taping/stapling/twist tie/zip tie the rope to your deck railing (alternatively, use the top of a chair). Form an X, affixing to the gutter, siding, or trim. Like a spider would do, begin weaving the web (I’d start in the center and work out with a new piece of rope), securing where it crosses the X (loop or tie it).

When your web is sufficiently large and spooky, affix a giant spider. We used a fuzzy one.

Watch small children (and arachnophobic friends) think twice before walking up to your front door!

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